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10 Important Tips for safe Traveling !

10 Important Tips for safe Traveling !


Traveling is always exciting, but sometimes, you get a little panic-attac the night before the trip. What if… you lose your passport or money, can’t understand the new language, don’t know where you are, your car broke down, or other bad things when you are away from home.

Don’t worry, here are 10 important rules and tips for a safe trip. Check the list, and always be careful.

  1. Secure your luggage

Wherever you go you’ll have some luggage, and be careful, even if inside is nothing so expensive or important, it’s all you have with you while traveling. That is why it’s so important.Keeping your luggage safe means securing it in any possible way.

  1. Secure your cash & credit cards

Money is one of the most important things while traveling. And it is really bad thing when you lose it. You can buy for the trip one of those travel wallets that strap to various part of your body, even if you don’t like it, it’s a really practically.

Also, keep a note of your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers in case you need to cancel them.

  1. Blend in or try not to stand out

Try to not look like a tourist even if you are one.In your first day in a new place, notice how the locals  dress and dress according to them. P.S.  Don’t wear sandals with white socks.

  1. Save emergency numbers

Alway prepare a list of numbers just in case you need them. Find out what the local emerhency numbers are and save them on your phone, or write it down. Also, research the nearest embassie of your city, save the number and adress too.

  1. Make a copy of your passport

Do it always, and have some of these copies. Also a useful thing is to scan your passport, then send it to yourself, just to have it on your phone.

  1. Separate your money sources

You never know what could happen, so better to have a plan B.

  1. Always inform your family and friends where you are

A really important thing is to inform you closest what you have planned to do, and where to go. So, in case, something bad happens they know where you are.

  1. Get in touch with a local, and listen

Sometimes you can get super information from locas. Ask where not to go, and listen to them.

  1. Don’t feel guilty about saying NO

Don’t be afraid to be rude when it means to be safe or feel safe. Trust your instincts about when to accept help, or from whom.

  1. Trust your instincts

You’ll never feel something for no reason.Just trust yourself and your feelings. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun or be paranoic, but be always careful, and  think what you are doing. Enjoy the little things and moments, explore new places and cultures.