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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the Netherlands capital, known for its artistic heritage, narrow houses with gabled facadesm elaborate canal system, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age.
Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths.

Amsterdam is colloquially known as Venice of the North.

Where is Amsterdam ?

Amsterdam is in the western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland.

Cool facts about Amsterdam

Amsterdam has 165 canals, and in all of Amsterdam there are 1,281 birdges. Skinny Bridge is the most famous.

Amsterdam has 20,000,000 tourists every year.

Amsterdam is the first city to allow gay marriage with regular rituals.

The Nickname of Amsterdam is Mokum, which is Hebrew for city or a place.

What to see and do in Amsterdam ?

Amsterdam’s city center is pretty flat, so you can easily get to most tourist destinations on foot. From Amsterdam Central, most areas in the city center can be reached within half an hour.
Amsterdam has one of the largest historic city centers in Europe, with about 7,000 registered historic building. The center consists of 90 islands linked by 400 bridges.

Visit the famous Flower market. The famous place to buy tulips is the Bloemenmarkt, along the Singel, and you can find favourful cheeses at the smart Reypenaer tasting room. Meanwhile, eight wingmills remain in Amsterdam, the most famous of which is De Gooyer.

Vondelpark is the largest green space in Amsterdam. The park is named after its best-known poet Joost van den Vondel.

Rent an bike and get cycling and visit Amsterdam. There are plenty of places to hire them such as MacBike or Rent-a-bike. You can catch all the sights on a bike by booking a guided tour from the Yellow Bike company.

Amsterdam canal ring, the city old centre is formed from canal rings, which give you the feeling of space, freedom and peace. Walk through these canal streets or better – take a trip with a boat by boarding one of the tourist cruises or by renting the boat yourself.
Begijnhof, a narrow, vaulted passageway leads to this charming quiet garden surrounded by old houses, in the very centre of town. The devout celibate Béguine nuns have been replaced by old ladies. The No.34 is the oldest house in Amsterdam.
Oude Kerk,  this protestant church with little houses clinging to its sides remains a calm heaven at the heart of the frenetic Red Light Disrtict.

Do you like museums or art ?

Amsterdam has an amazing collection of museums.
The museums in Zuid are located at the Museumplein. The country’s national museum is the Rijksmuseum, with a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age.

The Van Gogh Museum has the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in the world.

The Stedelijk Museum is all about modern art, contemporary art and design.

The Anne Frank House, dedicated to Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from Nazi persecution (Must-read book!)

What to eat ?

Bitterballen, fried breaded ragout balls.

Kroketten, the same but shaped like a cylinder.

Traditional herring or a brooodje garing, it’s a herring sandwich, available from fish stalles around the city.

Syrup waffles are  best at the Albert Cuyp.

Oliebollen, round blobs of sweet fried dough embedded with raisins and dusted witt powered sugar.

The right time for Amsterdam is always. Colorful and charming, the old-world city is lined with 17th century buildins, canals and lot of bicycles. You want regret if you visit Amsterdam, because it has so much to offer. It’s like Venice, but much more cool. Venice is like a lady, and Amsterdam like a kid who don’t want to grow up. Such a cool city. Explore and enjoy.

As usual at the end, here are 10 sentences for communication:

  1. Hello – Hallo, Dag, Hoi
  2. Do you speak English? – Spreekt u Engels?
  3. How do I get to..? – Hoe kom ik naar..?
  4. How far is it to..? – Hoe var is het naar..?
  5. I don’t understand – Ik begrijp het niet
  6. Please – Alstublieft, Alsjeblieft
  7. Thank you – Bedankt
  8. Yes/No – Ja/ Nee
  9. My name is.. – Ik heet..
  10. What is your name.. – Hoe heet u?