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Cape Town - South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the second most populous urban area in South Africa. It is also the capital  and primate city of the

Western Cape province.

Where is Cape Town?

Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa. Cape Town has everything, beaches, mountains, gardens and harbors.

what to see and where to go?

Bo-Kaap is the most vibrant destination. You will never see a more colourful neighborhood.

Also, set on the side of the Table Mountain the University of Cape Town is the prettiest of college campuses. It is just a breathtaking university.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is great. Full of restaurants, shopping galore and open bar catamaran cruises.

Robben Island was used as a prison from the early days of the VOC. It is preserved as a memorial to those (such as Nelson Mandela) who spent many years incarcerated here.


First of all, District Six Museum. It speaks for itself. The museum celebrate the once lively multiracial area, which is destroyed during apartheid.

South African Jewish Museum, the museum partly occupies the restored Old Synagogue.

Castle of Good Hope this stone-walled castle remains the headquarters for the Western Cape military command.

Nelson Mandela Gateway  focuses  on the struggle for equality.

Do you like nature?

You can take a cable car all the way to the top of Table Mountain. When you are at the top, you can enjoy the view, have a lunch break or a glass of local wine.

Outside the city is a beach filled with penguins. The beach is called Boulders Beach. And, it’s home to about 3,000 penguins.

If you don’t like the beaches, the city has a big public seaside pool. It’s awesome. The Sea Point Swimming Pool is set overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. And it’s open always during the year.

Kirstenbosch Garden is a perfect place to relax. When you  are once in it, you can’t believe that outside is a big city waiting.


Do you like shopping?

Cape Town is a shopper’s dream. It has a wide range of shopping expeditions to undertake – from luxury boutiques and shopping malls to private shopping tours and markets.

When you come  to Cape Town. Do it like this: Go bargain hunting at a markets, visit the V&A Waterfront, and invest in creativity  by supporting the local.


In Royale Eatery try one of tantalizing treats paired with a milkshake. Their burgers are the best. There is also a rooftop bar which is great.


The nightlife in Cape Town is pretty amazing. Long Street offers so many things. The drinks are cheap, the music every day better,  and the bars are amazing.

All in all, Cape Town is a specific city, and it’s really worth visiting. It offers so much, from history to beautiful art and nature. The stunning sun sets and the breathtaking views from the top bars, which make you just happy. Thumbs up for Cape Town. Visit, have fun and enjoy. Cape Town is waiting just for you.