/Dark secrets of Dubai

Dark secrets of Dubai

Dark secrets of Dubai:

Pictures are one, but the reality is so much different

These ten facts will shock you !

Many people will tell you that Dubai is the most exciting city in the world. With all the luxury, big skyscrapers, tons of gold, precious cars, fabulous restaurants and nightclubs.

But, have you ever thought whether it is actually true? Or it’s just a picture for the public?

Dubai also has a much darker side, and some of these secrets are completely unknown to the public:

  1. The people work 14 hours a day at a temperature of 40 degrees

Dubai is developing at an incredible rate, and as you read this article, the city is probably added at least one structure or the way in his possession. Although local powers can have all the money in the world, yet they should work force to build things so quickly. The problem is that the rich think that the workforce should not be treated as citizens, but most of them are living in appalling conditions and they are in danger every day. Of course that  causes health problems, accidents, and even deaths, but these are always successfully covered up.

  1. Jail for kissing in public

In Dubai people are mostly Muslims, which means that the rules, especially the one about intimacy, are strictly enforced. All those cool pictures from Instagram easy to deceive, showing him a liberal city, but this is the biggest mistake that one can make before the visit there. Not only is it forbidden love, but it is also illegal to hold hands in public – and the tourists who break these rules pay huge fines. Don’t be a rebel.

  1. Human trafficking

Although the laws are strict regarding alcohol, drugs and sex, the rules do not always apply. The girl may be in trouble only if walking down the street uncovered arm, but when the night falls – everything changes. The oldest profession in the world is flourishing in Dubai – there are more than 30,000 prostitutes who openly show their skin and charge $ 500 per hour. But this is not the main problem. The biggest problem is that the powerful support the prostitution to earn from it, and white slavery is an open secret in Dubai.

  1. Throwing huge amounts of drinking water

Being located in the desert, Dubai has to import water. As long as their money grows on trees, scattering with drinking water is not seen  as a problem. For example, there exists a large number of golf courses for which the maintenance asks about 4 million gallons of water a day, just to the grass remained green. While the rest of the world facing huge shortages of drinking water and people are dying of thirst, for these do not care in Dubai until they can alone play golf.

  1. When the oil disappears, everything will be gone

It is not difficult to build a paradise in the middle of nowhere as long as you have plenty of black gold. Everyone knows that the region of the Middle East significantly dependent on oil and that this is their only hope of the economy. Well, it seems that people do not realize that nothing lasts forever, and forecasts reveal that the oil will probably disappear for some 20 years. Then, or it will not be enough, or will the price be so high that people will switch to other energy sources.

  1. Crazy racism

In the 21st century, most of the world does not accept more racism as the norm, but it is the driving force behind Dubai. The city is a brutal place with wild rules, where a man is worth just as much as it is worth passport. So for the same job in the same enterprise Europeans and Americans get twice the salary of colleagues from the countries of the third world.

  1. They turn workers into slaves by taking their passports

The deeper digs, the more comes out dark story. So is Dubai, where slavery is still present. Of course, formally, everything is legal, but in practice, people from countries such as India, Pakistan and China are forced to work long hours for almost no money. Many of these unfortunates can not leave Dubai because their government or company after arrival seize their passports. This is not the scenario of the film, but tough reality of people who emigrated there in the hope of a better life, but they quickly discovered that they had come to hell

  1. Open destroying the environment

With the help of slave labor Dubai is rapidly developing, and every day appear new complexes of nowhere. With each site come large amounts of garbage, sewage and chemical waste. Systems of care can not keep up the pace of development, but the companys own waste thrown somewhere else. This usually means sea.

  1. Wild animals there are not wildly

Rich people of Dubai have so much money that they no longer know where or for what to spend it. Some buy gold cars, others are swimming in milk, and the latest trend purchase exotic and wild animal as a pet. Sheiks are no longer satisfied with cats and dogs, but they are rather buying tigers, panthers, lions.

  1. Freedom of speech is a myth, and the country a dictatorship

Whoever publicly states an opinion with which the powerful do not agree, receives a phone call from the so-called the secret police of Dubai. Very directly, they give two choices – to feel or loss of everything they have. In addition, 80 percent of the residents are immigrants, and if a stranger spoke to something bad – it simply deported.

All in all, always remember everything has two sides, the good and bad. Be careful in beautiful Dubai.