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Ideas for a New Journey Every Month

Ideas for a New Journey Every Month

Do you want to travel?
We have ideas for a new journey every month!

Every new year brings new decisions. New look, friends, cities, trips. With the new year we crave for new passport stamps and new destinations we have not yet visited. If you are a passionate  traveler, you probably already have your list of crossed cities, but in spite of the big list, it is sometimes hard to focus. Numerous European cities reach hands all year long and each is beautiful in all seasons, while distant destinations require more planning and observation of multiple parameters, ranging from temperature, rainy season, and so on. We make some suggestions that would make it easier for you to choose. Take a look on our monthly list.


While some choose skiing, others will choose warm areas. Sri Lanka is very popular in the last few seasons. Shi Lanka brings a great combination of active and lazy vacations.


One city-break trip to Amsterdam will fill a boring February. Driving down a canal, visiting the museum and exploring the city can be your extended weekend. You can read more about Amsterdam here.


Paris is always a good idea! The beginning of spring will bring you high enough temperatures to walk the city longer, but also time to retreat to all interesting museums if it cools down. You can also read more about Paris here.


They say that Japan is the most beautiful in the spring during the cherry blossom season – from March to May. Our guide to the land of the rising sun can be found here. You can read more about Tokyo.


After finishing the rainy season, Bali will delight all its distinctive colors and scents. If it seems to you that a trip to such a remote place is impossible, here is something about Bali.


Take a road trip to Portugal. While it is still too hot and there are not too many tourists, and the sea temperature has to be enough to get wet on the beach and swim in the south of the country is just the right time.


Yes, it is crowded, the hordes of tourists visiting Greece, but this country is an interesting alternative to the usual Adriatic destinations. Beautiful beaches, nice islands, great food… Greece is worth exploring everything! You can read more about Santorini, Grece


Tuscany, Cinque Terre or Amalfi, maybe Sicily or Capri? As far as Italy is concerned, selection is always difficult, at all times of the year. This time visit the place you have not been to. Italy is such a great country. You can read more about Italy here.


September is the right time to enjoy the northern countries. Stockholm is beautiful in the autumn days while we are still getting a little sunblock on the lawns and exploring the city.


Before it is completely cool, take a chance to discover Berlin. This city is so amazing, it’s just too difficult to describe it. Give Berlin a chance and enjoy it. Read more about Berlin here.


Flying from the upcoming winter, many travelers choose Thailand. The most enjoyable time to visit is then, when there is no rain and when temperatures are not too high. You can read more about Thailand.


Vienna is the most beautiful during its Advent – although you  have visited the Austrian capital, you will not regret it any other holiday season.

You have to remember that all cities are good in one way in everytime of the year, but this is the special ones. You can always discover the beauty of a town. Have fun, enjoy the little things and take care.