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Lahti, Finland

Lahti, Finland

Welcome to Lahti, Finland

Have you heard about the Finnish Chicago? No? You will now, here is something about Lahti. It is a city and municipality in Finland. Lahti is the capital of the Päijänne Tavastia region. In English, the Finnish word Lahti literally means bay.


It is situated on a bay at the southern end of lake Vesijärvi about 100 kilometers (60 mi) northeast of the capital Helsinki. The location is good because it is only an hour drive from Helsinki, about 40 minutes drive to Hämeenlinna, an hour and ten minutes drive to the city of Tampere.


In Finland, you can often hear the surname Lahti. Timi Lahti (footballer), Arto Lahti (politician), ChristineLahti (actress) and many others.


At first, you have to see the Sibelius Hall. A masterpiece of modern wood architecture. The place itself is spectacular. You can enjoy and listen to music. Sibelius Hall is a concert hall for all kinds of music from symphony to rock concerts.

Ristinkirkko, is an architectural masterpiece. It is a design by most famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The auditorium is beautiful. Besides of church it is an excellent concert hall for charters and organ music.

Water Organ, Vesiurut, the musical fountain. A musical fountain in Pikku-Vesijärvi pond. Music from movies, musicals and other well-known classics.
Lahti Harbor, during the summer, there are many restaurants and bars along the lake, you can also take a lake cruise  to see the Lake Vesijarvi. But on other seasons of the year the place is less crowdy and there is still the nice view to the lake.
Lahti City Hall, is one of his oldest buildings in Lahti and the view is quite nice. Its size is impressive, considering that it was built in the beginning of the 20th century, while Lahti was no bigger than a village.


Lahti Art Museum, fascinating range of paintings and sculptures in four rooms. Also, it has  very interesting changing exhibitions.
Lahti Ski Museum. This museum is small but it does have some cool stuff in it. An interesting and very informative experience, with displays and tutorials explaining the history of skiing.
Lahti Historical Museum, it is located in  a small park few steps away from the bus station. Extremely interesting museum, it shows why and when the growth of Lahti has happened.
Motorcycle Museum of Finland, if you love motorcycles, then you must visit this museum. It is worth visiting. The museum has plenty of different classic and contemporary motorcycles.


One word; TRIO. Trio shopping mall has an excellent location in the city center of Lahti. It offers something for every taste.


There are many international restaurants in Lahti, if you do not want to try the Finnish food.

But, for those who want, the Roux restaurant, located near the Town Hall,  has the largest selection of Finnish specialties.


In the city center, you’ll find several music bars as well as beerhouses, gastropubs and cocktail bars also the best nightclubs. For exemple, you can visit: Katu-klubi, Finlandia-klubi, Armas, Tivoli, Rytmiklubi Lastu, and others.

Lahti is a city which has everything, something for every taste. It has a beautiful nature, buildings, amazing architecture, also it’s the sport Centre of Finland, it has the best known symphony orchestra in Finland (Sinfonia Lahti). It is really a city which is worth traveling and exploring. Have fun and enjoy Lahti!

As usual at the end, here are 10 sentences for communication:

  1. Hello – Terve, Hyvää päivää, Päivää, Moi, or Hei
  2. How are you? – Mitä kuuluu? Or Kuinka voit?
  3. What is your name? – Mikä sinun nimesi on?
  4. My name is.. – Nimeni on..
  5. Do you speak English? – Puhutko englantia?
  6. I don’t understand – En ymmärrä
  7. How much is this? – Paljonko tämä maksaa?
  8. Where’s the toilet? – Missä on vessa?
  9. Thank you – Kiitos , Sorry – Anteeksi
  10. Please – Pyydän