/Snack you should take on your trip
Snack you should take on your trip

Snack you should take on your trip

Snack you should take on your trip

You are ready for a road trip, everything is packed, you are ready to go, but then, you remember you have forgot to buy food. What to bring with you? What to eat during the trip?
Here are some cool tips for road trip  snacks. For sure, you will find something you like and the trip can begin.

At first, it is not important if your trip is going to take long or short, you need adequate food.

It is always a good idea to take fruits with you. (For example apples are so refreshing). Prepare fruit by washing and slicing it as needed before you start your trip. Also, you can take and mix more kinds of fruits. If you like eating chips, the better alternative are nuts. They aro also salty and crunchy, and delicious too. Doubtless some of us, like soda drinks more then the healthy. But, remember the healthy beverage alternatives to soda, which are sports drinks and fruit drinks, water also. (Always have a bottle more in your car). Choose low sugar options to keep hydrated. Instead of chocolate bars take energy bars. Consider replacing your favorite candy bar with an energy or granola bar to boost your protein and fiber intake while avoiding the sugar trap. Cheese and crakers will keep your hunger satisfied for the long-haul. If you are looking for something that combines both salty and sweet? Try swapping the cheese for peanut butter or apple slices for healthy alternatives.  Sandwiches can be a quick and easy way to keep hunger at bay while adding some good protein and hearty grains to your daily nutrition. For savory cravings bring with you some string cheeese and baket potato chips, it is the healthier junk food.

To conclude:

Don’t forget to pack some proteins. It will help you feel full. You can try paenut butter, whole-grain crackers, muffins, yogurt (drinkable or sqeezeable ones for kids work well – no spoons needed!) and other.

Load up on fruit and veggies.  They will help you beating the diseases. And their hight water content will  help you stay hydrated. Take fresh vegetables and fresh seasonal fruit.

Keep it safe and clean. Always bring ice packs to keep food cold, wipes, hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes,  reusable containers and cutlery, also straws, paper bowls or cups.

All in all, before your trip, make a plan and a list. Take with you everything you think you should. If you don’t like this items, it’s ok. But remember, this is the healthier way, and you  should keep it in your mind.