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Traveling alone, cool or not ?

Traveling alone, cool or not ?

So, everything has a good and a bad site, traveling alone too. But, I would always choose traveling alone if I hadn’t a chance to go with someone. Also, sometimes the best travel companion you can have is yourself.

When you are planing to go somewhere, it’s soooo much easier. Everyone has different schedules, budgets, and traveling interests, so waiting around for the right persons is wasting your time.

When you travel alone, only your needs matter, and you can plan something at the last minute if you desire and also you can change the plan every minute, if you want to. Always remember, this is your life, only your. And, you live it only once. Take moments for yourself, explore, live the life you want to. Being alone on the road will give you the opportunity to reflect on life and enjoy your own company.

Traveling is supposed to be relaxing, and it’s never more so than when you are your own trip planner. Be spontaneous if that’s your thing, relax and have fun. Do what you want to do.

If you want some company you can make new friends, meet interesting people, but always be careful. Also, if you’re not looking to build your social network, being a solo traveler allows you to be as antisocial as you want to be.

The best thing about traveling alone is that it will boost your confidence. You will be more self confident. The more confident you feel when traveling alone, the more confident you’ll feel at home.  When you travel alone you have time for yourself, you can take a day for photographing arounde, or take few minutes for writing what happened that day, or just sit alone and think what you have gone throught and what’s next. It would not be boring, it will be fun. It is a pity to miss some places just because you have no right people to go with you. Take a risk and travel alone. Always be careful, but remember it’s worth traveling.