/Where can veggies eat in Spain?
Where can veggies eat in Spain?

Where can veggies eat in Spain?

Where can veggies eat in Spain?


A lot depends on the region you are travelling through however. But, it’s not impossible to find a lot of good food.

For breakfast, you can always get a toast with oil with tomato, and you’ll be fine for a while. Also, in every standard bar you can get a fresh squeezed orange juice.  You can always eat tapas and raciones. Such as gazpacho, tortilla, tomate alinado, spicy pappers, garlic soup is excellent too.

Lacto-veggies and fish eaters will do fine, but strict veggies and vegans will find it more difficult.

If you are in an area where free tapas are served, this is a useful meat excluding phrase: una tapa que no sea de carne.

The problem is not so difficul in big cities. You will find vegetarian restaurants, od modern restaurants which clearly specify which dishes on their menu are vegatarian or vegan.  But, the problem is with traditional Spanish food. Vegetarianism is not very culturally ingrained, and they usually undestand anything containing eggs or fish as „vegetarian“.

If you can eat fish and seafood, Spain is a paradise for you. Also, if you eat cheese you have plenty to choose.

If you are strict vegetarian, there is a good offer of Spanish typically food. Which is widely available and sheap.  You can always try the tortilla de patata of potato omlet, cheap and nutricious.

There are wonderful fresh produce markets everywhere and in larger centres, more visited by foreigners. But, you can always foun a vegan or vegetarian restaurant.